LifeTweaker to be presented at QuantifiedSelf Tokyo meetup


LifeTweaker will be presented at the Quantified Self Tokyo  meetup this Saturday June 16th 2012

at GREE headquarters Roppongi

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LifeTweaker voted MASHUP OF THE DAY


LifeTweaker voted MASHUP OF THE DAY June 6th 2012


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Our Data, Ourselves

“Self-Tracking” enthusiasts collect 
data on every aspect of their lives. If digital navel-gazing goes mainstream, 
it could transform medicine.

by Kate Greene; Illustrations by ilovedust

From the December 2011 issue; published online December 8, 2011


original article:

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Contact Lens Body Monitoring

Healthcare must leave the hospital and become a 24/7 lifestyle-integrated industry if it is to become as effective and as cost effective as we all hope it can become. To do that, monitoring ourselves continuously is the central problem to be solved. Today body monitors fall into two somewhat unsuccessful camps – implanted monitors and external wearable monitors. What if you could build body monitoring and display elements directly into the contact lens?

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Life Graph

Complex life changing events can easily be summarized in a simple Life Graph. This is how Juhan Sonin evaluates his own life:

Posted in Uncategorized is a platform to get, tweak and visualize your data. The data can be entered manually or from a connected device.
  1. You add Channels that send or receive data to/from
  2. Applications process your data and use it to do all sorts of things

  3. You visualize (and maybe share) your data on yourSenseboard

Data can be made of anything: numbers, text snippets, binary commands, custom strings or things you don’t even understand…

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Open You seeks to be a central resource for news about open source development on health hardware. It provides lists of libraries and applications from the open source community, to help developers learn more about the devices that let them learn about themselves.

In addition to pointing to other libraries and projects, the OpenYou team also actively reverse engineers and develops drivers and libraries for whatever health hardware they can find.

Kyle Machulis is an engineer working in such fields as robotics, teledildonics, biometrics, audio research, and whatever else he decides is interesting and/or can do silly things with. With reverse engineering as a hobby, he has been part of multiple health hardware projects, including drivers for the Lightstone, Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, Omron Pedometer, and multiple consumer EEGs.

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The Measured Life

Do you know how much REM sleep you got last night? New types of devices that monitor activity, sleep, diet, and even mood could make us healthier and more productive.

The favored strategy of the moment is to weave together self-tracking tools with social networks and gaming, using the lessons of behavioral economics to keep users motivated enough to meet any health goals they’ve set for themselves. “We want to create an engaging device that makes people want to make better health choices,” says Julie Wilner, product director at Basis, a startup developing a new watch laden with sensors. “We do that by tracking data and showing it on the Web and on mobile devices, and by sharing it with friends.”

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Self-Tracking Tools

The QuantifiedSelf website is a good resource for tools, apps, and projects contributed by the global Quantified Self community. Their goal is to gather and organize the world’s collective self-tracking resources in one place, in a way that is useful for self-tracking experts and beginners who are just starting out.

They currently have 500+ tools on display for you to compare in following categories: Android, API, energy, fitness, food, gadget, goals, health, iPhone, learning, lifelogging, lifestyle, location, medicine, money, mood, networks, productivity, relationships, sleep, social, webapp

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Life Hacks Chart


A Life Hack Poster with some interesting life tweaks.

as seen on


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